BSI introduces the MPE-PAR for high-dynamic range optical measurements on Argo profilers and other autonomous platforms


MPE radiometerMPE radiometer

The MPE-PAR (MICRO Class, Profiling (in-water), E (irradiance) PAR sensor) is a fifth-generation sensor that is sensitive over the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectral range (400-700 nm). The MPE-PAR has been optimized for integration into Argo profiling floats and features low mass and low power consumption. It combines the huge dynamic range and excellent signal-to-noise ratio of Biospherical In-struments’ (BSI) microradiometer technology with the proven performance and ruggedness of BSI’s line of Q-Series PAR sensors. The sensor is also suitable for deriving the CDOM spectral absorption coefficient at 440 nm using a newly developed method.

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