New Product Announcements

  • C-PrOPS: Compact-Propulsion Option for Profiling Systems. C-PrOPS is an auxiliary technology that adds dual thruster-based dynamic positioning to the deployment package known as C-OPS. The Compact Thruster Remote Accessory (C-TRAC) is a wireless unit to control C-PrOPS.
  • Biospherical Instruments has just released the GUVis-3511, the latest member of BSI's line of atmospheric radiometers. The GUVis-3511 is based on BSI’s proprietary microradiometer technology and available with up to 19 channels, ranging from 305 to 1,640 nm.  The instrument can also be equipped with a shadowband accessory to determine the direct solar irradiance. Depending on configuration, the GUVis-3511 affords the measurement of the UV Index and the retrieval of aerosol optical depth, cloud optical thickness, and total column ozone. Click here for more information.
  • C-OPS: Compact Optical Profiling System. C-OPS instruments measure the vertical distribution of spectral radiance and irradiance in aquatic environments, as well as incident global irradiance above the water's surface.
  • New Profiler for AOPs: C-OPS. The High Resolution Multichannel Profiler is optimized for coastal remote sensing studies. C-OPS is a radiometer system for determining apparent optical properties in aquatic systems. Avoiding any influence from the shadow of the boat, the frame can be optimized for either slow descent rates for work in very shallow (e.g., 3 m) and coastal waters, or faster descent rates for observations in the open ocean.
  • AMOUR. The newly developed Advanced Multi-purpOse Usb Radiometer (AMOUR) is a high-speed USB Radiometer for research and engineering in the laboratory or field.
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