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Support Services

Support for our products includes pre-sales discussions of measurement needs, calibration of the instruments, maintenance, and training. In addition, prior calibration reports, copies of software to operate the instrument, and other technical services may be requested. Please visit our Software page for the latest versions of software and manuals.

We offer four routine services: evaluation, optical calibration, depth/temperature calibration, and maintenance. Each of these services is priced separately, with prices varying from instrument to instrument. The following are definitions and recommended schedules for these services:

Evaluation: Full mechanical and electronic inspection of the instrument to establish that each channel is functioning properly and to determine whether repairs are necessary. This includes fully connecting the system and comparing the output voltage of each sensor against its output at the time of manufacture. Every time the instrument is returned for any type of service, we perform an evaluation. We then notify the customer of any needed repairs, but do not perform or charge for any additional services until we receive customer approval.  Request RMA.

Optical Recalibration: Recalibration of optical channels only. We recommend annual optical recalibration. Request RMA.

Depth/Temperature Recalibration: Recalibration of one depth or temperature sensor. If an instrument has both temperature and depth sensors, the customer is charged for two D/T recalibrations. We recommend that these sensors be recalibrated only when there is an indication that they have drifted or are otherwise operating improperly.

Maintenance: Cleaning of all optical surfaces, servicing of all o-rings, and renewal of any desiccant (if ordered with optical calibration). We recommend that maintenance be performed every two years. Request RMA.

We recommend that optical channels be calibrated annually. All other sensors should only need to be recalibrated when there is an indication that they have drifted or are otherwise operating improperly. To return an instrument, please follow these instructions

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