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GUV-2511 Ground-Based UV / PAR Radiometer

Top of GUV-2511 radiometerTop of GUV-2511 radiometerThe GUV-2511 Ground-based Ultraviolet / PAR Radiometer was specifically designed to measure downwelling irradiance at 305, 313, 320, 340, 380, and 395 nm, as well as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR; 400–700 nm). Alternative wavelengths are available as an option. Incorporating a custom interference filter with negligible red-leakage, the 305 nm sensor is designed to respond to the region of the UV-B spectrum strongly affected by atmospheric ozone concentration. Similarly, other UV sensors incorporate custom interference filters and sensitive silicon photodiodes to minimize errors associated with spectral leakage. 

To minimize the effect of changes in ambient temperature, the GUV-2511 features PID-controlled internal heating to maintain the temperature of the optical elements at 40 °C or 50 °C, depending on the deployment site. 

The GUV-2511 radiometer is specifically designed to monitor UV radiation in key UV wavebands for biological exposure studies. These wavelengths allow the calculation of the UV Index and the retrieval of cloud optical thickness and total column ozone. The systems are designed to be easily deployed, either individually or in networks, to examine the geographic variability in UV exposure. Components include the GUV-2511, an AC-powered control unit, 50 m cable, and Windows-based LOGGER software.


  • Measurement:  7-channel surface UV and PAR cosine irradiance
  • Spectral Response:  Individual filter photodiode (10 nm FWHM) channels at 305, 313, 320, 340, 380, 395 nm, and 400–700 nm (PAR). Other wavelengths are available
  • Weatherized, sealed, and controlled internal temperature to 40ºC or 50ºC
  • Power:  85–264 VAC, 47–63 Hz
  • Rack-mountable control unit
  • Output:  Serial RS-232
  • Subunits:  GUV-2511, deckbox, 50 m of cable, and LOGGER software


  • UV-552 Instrument Inclinometer for the GUV-2511
  • UV-565 Travel Case: Fits a GUV system, deckbox, AC adapter charger and cable (up to 100 m); meets ATA requirements for checked baggage but may exceed 30 kg in weight. 

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