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Unsupported Instruments

Biospherical Instruments has been making instruments since 1977. Every instrument comes to the end of its useful lifetime, usually because we can no longer obtain parts to service the instrument. Some instruments may still work perfectly, but if our calibration laboratory has not seen any instrument of its type for several years, upgrades to the calibration facility may mean that even a simple calibration is much more time consuming (and expensive) than it once was.

Below is a table of unsupported instruments, the latest information on whether calibration and servicing are still available, as well as possible replacement instruments.

Instrument Name Calibration Service End of Support Replacement Manual
DAS-186 no no 2005   Here
MER-1000 no no 1995 C-OPS, BIC, PRR  
MER-1010 no no 1996 C-OPS, BIC, PRR  
MER-2020 no no 2004 Note 1 Here
MER-2040, 2041 yes no   C-OPS Here
MER-8300 no no 2000 C-OPS  
QSI-140 no no 2000 Note 1  
QSI-200 no no   Note 1 Here
QSL-100 yes Note 2   QSL-2100 Here
QSP-200L yes no   QSP-2300  
QSR-250 no no 2012 QSR-2150  
INF-300 yes

Note 3

  Note 1 Here
PNF-300 yes

Note 3

  PNF-2300 Here
GUV-511 (sn<9269) yes no   GUV-2511  
GUV-511 (sn>9268) yes yes   GUV-2511 Here

Note 1. An internally recording microradiometer-based instrument is under development. We are particularly interested in learning the features that our customers would like in such a product. Please contact Biospherical for details if you are interested.

Note 2. Analog panel meters are no longer available. Some other repairs may still be possible.

Note 3. See the BSI Application Note for running this instrument with Win7 desktops and laptops.

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